Our Story

Uncle Maddio’s is a next generation pizza joint where “gimme the usual” meets the unusual, where nostalgia meets whim.

The history of pizza is a history of innovation, a history of creativity. What started as peasant food was later adopted by royalty. But whatever the case, it was always made to order – the ultimate in personalized.

Most of the early inventiveness of pizza – using fresh, local ingredients; the world’s first “blue-collar lunch box” – has been lost to larger appetites. Make a uniform pizza. Conform to consensus. Settle for the usual.

But not at Uncle Maddio’s. We make every pie right in front of you with the highest quality ingredients. You tell us: a little more of this, a little less of that. Traditional pizza-making philosophy meets a modern pizza-making kitchen. Fresh. Fast. Personalized.

So the place where past meets present, where classic meets contemporary and modern meets tradition, is also the place where friends meet friends and family enjoys one another. Come see us at Uncle Maddio’s, for lunch or dinner. Discover something new at Uncle Maddio’s.

Not only does Uncle Maddio’s offer great homemade pizza, we also offer the best pizza franchise opportunities!

There are just as many great reasons to choose an Uncle Maddio’s food franchise as there are fresh ingredients on our menu! We offer fresh, healthy meals that are always made to order, we prepare our foods from scratch every day, so business is good and people are coming to us in growing numbers for our pizza. Not only that, but Uncle Maddio’s also offers low franchise start-up costs and no hidden fees.

Uncle Maddio’s has a flexible store footprint to accommodate various retail opportunities for both traditional and non-traditional sites, and owning and operating an Uncle Maddio’s pizza franchising business is fun and easy!

We have pizza franchise business opportunities available in most areas. Visit our Franchise Info page to learn more about Uncle Maddio’s food franchises!

The Scoop:

Fresh, real pizzas made right in front of you. Pick your own crust and cheese, go down the line and choose your toppings, then get your number and take a seat. Just like that, your pie is ready. Uncle Maddio’s puts emphasis on the house-made ingredients, local veggies, and plenty of creative options for your pizzas, calzones, and salads. They’re on a “campaign for real pizza” which, if you’re wondering what that means: we’re talking real innovative, real personalized… and, well, just really good pizza.

“Fast, fresh, affordable” could be a tagline for just about anything, but let’s get down to what Uncle Maddio’s Pizza is promising in their slogan.

FAST: As in, your own personal build-it-yourself pizza is ready in a record six minutes. You pick the crust, the cheese, the toppings, and witness the assembly before it’s sent to the oven. Wait with your number at a table for your pizza to cook, and before you know it, there it is – hot n’ fresh out of the oven, ready to devour.

FRESH: As in, those build-it-yourself toppings are fresh. Vegetarians rave about their quality options (including the coveted Daiya Non-Dairy Cheese), and there’s also wheat and gluten-free doughs if that’s your preference. Speaking of dough, all are made in-house every day. And if pizza just seems like too much of an indulgence, there are plenty of calzone and salad options (and we’re talking real salads, not the shredded lettuce kind you get at other unnamed quick-assembly lunch spots).

AFFORDABLE: As in, under ten bucks for your personal-size pizza. Enough said.

Thirsty? If you prefer your pizza paired with wine or beer, those are available. How ‘bout with trivia? Head on over on Thursday nights. And what about that sweet tooth? Take a gander at the starters and sweets available as well!

So there it is, folks: “Fast, fresh, affordable”. You can see why that can’t sum up what Uncle Maddio’s is serving… but in the name of efficient pizza-making, it definitely gets the job done.

The History of Pizza

Tradition and innovation have always mingled in the art of pizza making. The ashes of Pompeii, near present day Naples, yielded round marble slabs, pizza making tools, and evidence of baked, flat flour cakes. A statue from that time period (79 A.D.) representing a “pizzaiolo” – pizza maker – is in the Museo Nazionale in Naples. Even before this, the early Greeks were cooking bread under heated rocks, flattening them, to be used as “plates” for other ingredients, like vegetables, spices, and oils. We’re not sure if you could call it pizza or not, but it sounds like the beginning of something good.

Fishermen from the Cinque Terre region of northern Italy were sent to sea with a lunch made of meats, vegetables, oils, and spices wrapped in a flat bread. These fishwife creations came to be known as “pizzacare,” which means to “pinch” or “pluck.” So the original sack lunch for working men was pizza.

But Naples was the center of the pizza world during the renaissance. Neapolitans ate pizza from street carts for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in 1522 some innovative pizzaiolo added tomatoes. Brought from the New World, tomatoes were originally thought to be poisonous. Today, it’s tough to imagine pie without a tangy sauce as its base.

Eventually the street carts of Naples evolved into open-air stalls, or “pizzerias,” where people would gather to eat, drink, and talk. Tourists would search out poorer neighborhoods where they could find the best pizzaiolo. Since then, there’s been no end to what people get up to with their pizza pies. From tomato pies, where the ingredients are inverted, to thick-crust Chicago and wide-sliced NY styles. Toppings are as varied as the American palate: pepperoni, artichoke, hard-boiled eggs, pineapples, banana peppers, and buffalo meat, just to name a few.

At Uncle Maddio’s, we’re continuing the innovative tradition that has made pizza the world’s favorite food. No heat lamps, no stone slabs, no rotating ovens that burn half and hardly melt the cheese on the other. Uncle Maddio’s believes freshness makes the pie, the fresher the better. So you can watch us make it for you to order, place it in a special fast-bake oven, and marvel at our ingenuity just a couple of minutes later over a hot and tasty slice.

Uncle Maddio’s is a traditional pizza joint where classic meets contemporary, and friends meet friends.