Wedding Anniversary -- Uncle Maddio's Style

The happy couple celebrating 8 years!

The happy couple celebrating 8 years!

Last week, Uncle Maddio's Kennesaw (GA) received the most amazing thank-you letter from a fan who had a special experience during her 8-year wedding anniversary dinner at the restaurant. We were humbled that the couple wanted to spend their special night with us -- Uncle Maddio's "Serves with Love," and so we were happy to share our love for great food with their love for each other!

To Whom it May Concern:

I just want to send an email of praise for the Uncle Maddio's in Kennesaw, Georgia. I work at Kennesaw State University, which is only about a block from the Uncle Maddio's. My husband and I eat there once-twice each week. We love the food, but most of all - the customer service is fantastic. We are always greeted so warmly, and the atmosphere is top notch!!

My husband called Uncle Maddio's last week and let them know that we were coming in today because it was our 8-year anniversary. My husband asked me where I wanted to eat for our anniversary, and I told him Uncle Maddio's! My husband simply wanted them to 'reserve' our little booth in the corner for us.

When we walked around the corner to our little table, my jaw just dropped!! Not only had they reserved our table with a sweet sign, there was chilled wine, 2 candles, and warm chocolate chip cookies waiting on us.

I simply cannot tell you how special it was that people who only know us from seeing us once each week to order food would go so above and beyond the call of their job to make us feel important. Each person there walked by our table to wish us a 'Happy Anniversary!' and ask us if they could get us anything. What was even more special, was that this service was no different than any other time we visited them! They always walk by and make sure that we are comfortable, that the food is great, and that everything is satisfactory.

Much praise and many recommendations for Uncle Maddio's in Kennesaw, Georgia!! Our loyalty has increased ten-fold, and we plan on sending many MANY more customers in that direction!!

Thank you so much!

Megan S. Butler
Director of Imaging
Financial Aid Department
Kennesaw State University

We are proud of our franchise in Kennesaw for providing the gold standard in customer service and demonstrating exactly why Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint is the best pizza franchise around!