Uncle Maddio's Saving the Economy, One Job at a Time


While most growing brands get giddy about their sales potential when opening new stores, leaders at Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint are excited about the number of jobs they’re helping to create with the brand’s ongoing growth.

Matt Andrew, founder and chief pizza maker for Uncle Maddio’s, says the company is opening 17 new stores in 2012. With 25 new hires per store, he says, the company will be creating more than 400 new positions next year.

The positive numbers don’t end there. Andrew says that, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, another seven jobs are created in the economy for every new hire, which means Uncle Maddio’s could be helping to create a total of 3,000 new jobs in 2012.

Further, with $250,000 in annual payroll and $400,000 in annual purchasing per unit, the company is pouring millions of dollars into local economies.

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