Uncle Maddio’s Leads the Way on Pinterest

Did you know that Uncle Maddio’s is on Pinterest? It’s true! We have 12 fully-decked Pinterest boards, giving you an in-store dining experience online! We’re capitalizing on the success of this fastest-growing social media tool and we love sharing with Pinterest users our unique Uncle Maddio’s brand and culture.

In case you aren’t yet on the Pinterest bandwagon – it’s a social media site that engages users by allowing them to upload, organize, and share images with other Pinterest users on as well as cross-promote on Facebook and Twitter. A Pinterest page is populated with “boards” that organize “pins” (images with embedded links) by topic.

As one of the only pizza chains to offer both gluten-free and vegan menu options, Uncle Maddio’s created Pinterest boards dedicated to gluten-free and vegan recipes. Each month, a new board is created for the Uncle Maddio’s ingredient of the month (spinach, strawberries, bacon, for example). For the younger crowd (and more specifically, their parents), Uncle Maddio’s hosts a weekly Art Camp for kids and a “Picky Eater Club.” On Pinterest, this translates to boards devoted to kids’ crafts and fun food creations. The Pinterest boards “Pizza Art” and “Food Art” reflect the fun and funky artsy décor inside an Uncle Maddio’s restaurant. One of the most populated and more popular boards on the Uncle Maddio’s Pinterest page is “Kitchens We’re Mad For” – great kitchens and good food make sense!